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Eider Warmth image
Eider Warmth
・Revolutionary, Patented Filling Material
・Machine Washable
・Outstanding Clo factor
・Amazing Loft
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Eider Warmth Duvet image
Eider Warmth Duvet
・Pillow Cases
・Hybrid Blanket Covers
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Eider Warmth Apparel image
Eider Warmth Apparel
・Extremely Light and Warm
・Design Friendly
・Allergy Free
・Machine Washable
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Coolgel mat image
Cool gel mat
Over 1 million units sold, thanks to our loyal customers!Environmentally friendly sleeping mats from Hirakawa.
Simple to use: just lay the mat down. Washable and safe.Enjoy sound, comfortable sleep without using an air-conditioner.
For more information, visit the public website. [Cool Gelmat]
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Duvets image
The ultimate in comfort, our duvets are most suitable for use as quilts.
We offer various kinds of feather fillings, such as goose or duck feathers.
Both high quality and cost performance options are available, depending on your budget.
Bedding(quilt,mattress,pillow)with low-radiating function image
Bedding(quilt, mattress, pillow)with low-radiating function
We offer delightful, attractive bedding that helps you get more restful, peaceful sleep.
Our wide range of bedding materials includes polyester, silk, and more.
Apparel image
We design and sell apparel for display in magazines such as YOUNG, MRS, and others.
Scientific management principles are strictly implemented in our factory.
pet supplies image
pet supplies
We produce and sell unique and delightful pet supplies, as well as OEM services.
Our factory provides high quality goods at low prices.
We are among the top importers of tatami rush grass materials in Japan.
We offer a range of interior decorative objects made of rush grasses.
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